Mangalabai Bhagwat Foundation

Mangalabai Bhagwat Foundation initiates and delivers projects that respond to acute and immediate service gaps in society.
Our work is guided by humanism. Our projects and programmes are focused on empowering people and communities with the tools and skills they need to find solutions to the challenges they face.
Being flexible and adaptable in our approach allows us to focus our resources and energy in being specific, purposeful and focused in our efforts.
MBF is a charitable trust. It is named after Late Smt. Mangalabai Bhagwat.

Smt. Mangalabai Bhagwat

Who was Smt. Mangalabai Bhagwat...

Mangalabai was a prominent social worker of Maharashtra. She founded Vile ParleMahila Sangh, a well-known institution that provides education to thousands of students every year. She established the institution in Vile Parle, Mumbai, in 1950, which runs schools in Marathi and English medium, a SNDT college and conducts several other activities.
Seen in context of history, Mangalabai was a feminist before the term became mainstream. Refusing to ask for permission as may have been an unspoken social expectation of women at the time and following her instinct of service, she rallied other women together to create an institution which would make education accessible to all.
MBF is the custodian of her legacy and vision.
On occasion, Mangalabai worked with her contemporary Bharat Ratna Rashtrarishi Shradhdheya Shri Nanaji Deshmukh as a fellow member of the Central Committee of DeenDayal Research Institute.
Similarly, on occasion, MBF works with other organisations with a view to achieve scale and scope of impact.
Mangalabai Bhagwat Foundation is a Public charitable trust registered with the Charity Commissioner, Mumbai and Office of the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

Trust Registration Number E : 28453 (Mumbai).
80 G Registration No : CIT(E)/80G/1292/2015-16
CSR Registration No : CSR00003543.

Care Package
Distributed care packages of food grains and other essentials
Draught Relief
Contribution to help rebuilding the lives of our flood affected
Happy People
Happiness is not being pained in body or troubled in mind.
Tree Plantation
2000 trees have been planted in and around these 5 villages.