Draught relief & Water Shed Management

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Solapur district was severely affected by drought in 2012. In order to provide relief to the drought affected region of Solapur, water storage tanks were installed in 30 different locations in 4 villages at Mangalwedha Taluka of Sholapur district (drought prone area) of Maharashtra and drinking water was supplied free of cost for over two and a half months. The Foundation got many social organizations under one umbrella and the activity was carried out successfully.
From the year 2014 to 2016 draught relief and water shed management work was carried out in Beed District. After due diligence, the Beed district in Marathwada region was zeroed in for improving water management facilities, a severe drought prone region. As a short term measure, the foundation did supply limited access to drinking water during the drought months. But over the long term this measure was not sustainable, hence a more permanent solution needed to be devised to revive the region. In order to do this, the foundation teamed up with Deendayal Research Institute’s Krishi Vidnyaan Kendra, Ambejogai, for local support.
Further, we would like to state that a detailed survey / research of villages around Krishi Vigyan Kendra at Digholamba, Taluka Ambejogai, District Beed was carried out and 5 villages were selected for undertaking water shed management program where no help had reached either from NGO’s or from the Government’s water shed management programs. Under this initiative a length of about 20 kilometers of various streams were desilted, widened and cleaned.
2000 trees have also been planted in and around these 5 villages during the following year July – August 2016.
Later on then, most importantly, construction of work of 5 Gabion Bunds on Nalas at 2 out of the 5 villages selected, Digholamba and Kanadibadanwas done.
The water shed management work carried out in the area is giving miraculous results to the farmers not only from the 5 villages but also to the farmers from the neighbouring villages. This was a very heartening and fulfilling experience the foundation had.